‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’.

Over a cup of coffee at Guardian House, Kim Whiting, Director of HR & Learning explains…

“SIPS is committed to excellence; our organisation’s purpose is firmly centred upon enriching children and young people’s learning and well-being…but…it’s worth recognising that learning does not have to be in the classroom.”

SIPS Education Business Partnership (EBP)

“As young people mature, SIPS Education Business Partnership (EBP) team helps bridge the gap between academia and life outside the school gates helping students understand options, bringing employers together to offer that all important experience as a first taste of work.”

“SIPS introduce the world of work through a variety of career and work-related activities in schools. This ensures young people are better equipped with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about their future, preparing for Work Experience in Year 10. SIPS work tirelessly to raise aspirations and instill a ‘can do’ approach.”

Walking the walk

You might think this all sounds very corporate and ‘on message’, if so, you would be correct, but it’s also true. However, Kim points out that in addition to offering professional support services to schools, SIPS actually ‘walks the walk’ and has an impressive and consistent track record in recruiting, developing and retaining high-quality staff through Apprenticeships.

“We take our role as an employer of 400 staff seriously and invest in the next generation.

Through its doors, SIPS welcome  a regular stream of students from local schools and colleges who rotate around our diverse departments attaining ‘hands-on experience’.

SIPS encourage staff to transfer knowledge through the highly coveted staff ‘Work Experience Champion of the Year’ award.”

We also go further…

Staff aged 16+ join us as Apprentices, developing key skills. Many have secured full-time positions, as promotions within the business. For instance, Chloe Goodhand and Charlotte Berry joined in April 2018 and as a result one year on they are both so very proud to have secured permanent roles.
Then & Now…

Chloe Goodhand

Chloe Goodhand

“Most of my experience I have gained through my
Apprenticeship with SIPS and I am very fortunate to
have had the training and experiences that I have had.
I am looking forward to progressing my ability more as
I have the opportunity to continue my role within



Charlotte Berry

Charlotte Berry

“I am grateful for the experiences and knowledge that
I have gained from my Apprenticeship with SIPS and
very excited to see what my future within the
company will hold.”




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