We all know of the old stigma surrounding school meals; lumpy custard, watery cabbage, and mash served in scoops for some bizarre reason…?  For years, school caterers have been trying to shake off those dinner hall memories, and here at SIPS, we’ve done it!

Getting children to eat healthily can be a nightmare for some parents.  Distraction can often be the only way of getting nutritious foods into our kids, which they actually enjoy once they’ve tried it.  We’ve found that Theme Days are a great way to engage the imagination of young ones and encourage them to be interested in food that’s good for them.  They also prompt those fussy eaters out there to try something new.

Theme Days can not only be fun but educational too.  At SIPS, we like to match our Themed Menus to the curriculum so that learning in the classroom spills into the dining room.  Take for example our science-based ‘Fantastic Food Laboratory’. The programme of study for Primary School children includes identifying human body parts and which senses are associated with them.  Our ‘Food Lab’ menu showcases food with a load of different smells, textures, and sounds. Taking things to the next level, we’ll even provide scientific activity sheets for pupils. Senses engaged, increased development through learning, having fun AND polished off a nutritious meal…job done!

Sometimes though, schools may just want lunchtime to be a complete break from learning or a time for celebration.  Well, we’ve got that covered too with our range of other themes. These Include:

  • Street Food
  • Wimbledon
  • Pancake Day
  • World Book Day
  • Seaside Special…And many more!

Look out for our awesome Theme Days coming to a school near you.

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