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SIPS is a versatile solution focused premier supplier of professional services not limited to the world of education, rather we help many organisations, both large and small in a variety of capacities.  We know time is money and that results count…Working with SIPS is effortless, with quality services all designed to complement the smooth running of your organisation.

The ways SIPS can assist are numerous with service lines including Information Technology, helping transform data into insight, Human Resources, harnessing the collective power of the workforce as your greatest asset, Professional Development for leaders, management and skilled operational staff, and, Health, Safety, Facilities and Catering to ensure a safe, clean and functional environment.

SIPS can help… Our many services include:

Professional Business Support

People Management

Recruitment / DBS


Health, Safety, Facilities



Training & Development

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Here to help business & commerce…

Whatever your size, sector or focus, you can be sure SIPS knowledge, specialist support and experience can assist your goals. SIPS welcomes the opportunity to understand your unique requirements, so please get in touch for a no-obligation, informal conversation.

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