SIPS HR – Working Tirelessly for Schools

“Since moving over to SIPS HR in February 2019, I have learnt so much. As a new headteacher who was pretty much new to every aspect of HR, the best decision I made was to move from the previous provider over to SIPs.

 “They have held my hand and guided me through policies and procedures, absences, disciplinaries, investigations. The list goes on. I know so much now about employment law thanks to SIPs. Nothing is ever too much, and I feel confident in every aspect of advice given. Everyone is so knowledgeable and if our HR manager is unavailable for any reason, there is always someone else who can answer our questions. SIPs care about people which for me and my school is the most important thing.

“As a result of how impressed I was with the HR services, I decided to move our admin over to SIPs too so that the two could run in sync. Again, this was the best decision. Everything runs so smoothly and effortlessly. The past year has really tested everybody, with so many new guidelines, procedures and risk assessments needed to be put in place to keep everyone safe. SIPS HR worked tirelessly to ensure that we had all of the necessary guidance and legislation to ensure we were compliant at all times.

Thank you to Kim, Kate and your team. I honestly would be lost without you.”

Joy Agbonlahor, Head Teacher, Sacred Heart Primary School

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