Whether it’s trumpet in Tipton, woodwind in Wednesbury or singing in Smethwick, 500+ young people in Sandwell are all busy rehearsing for a series of very special events coming soon with help from SIPS. Families can’t help but be caught up in the enthusiasm as they hear the first few tentative notes become the earworm – that tune they can’t stop humming.

All this excitement is building in preparation for a week of musical celebration in July – the SIPS Music & Arts Service Summer Festival.

Events include a concert at West Bromwich Town Hall where 200 children from schools in the area will be singing with the bands and a more intimate gig at Central Library complete with vocal soloists.

Each performer has a unique talent, but all have one thing in common – they have been given the opportunity to develop their musicality in school.  Most are now part of the Sandwell Music Centre ensembles, and here they progress to a level of musicianship that can take them to study music at college and even onto a musical career.

Doesn’t every adult who can’t play an instrument wish that they could? How fantastic that all these young people are singing and playing and absolutely loving it. How fantastic that we get to share this with them in our community this Summer.

The Summer Festival is happening from 1 – 5 July 2019. Look out for ticket information on www.thepeoplesboxoffice.com

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