Catering Case Study: Showcase Counter

Showcase Counter

SIPS Catering has a privileged place in the heart of the school day, serving vital nutrition to school children to help fuel a heathy diet and offer energy to power the afternoon’s learning and attainment. With a fresh, exciting and balanced menu which conforms to the School Food Standards, SIPS ensure children are inspired to eat quality and varied food each day of the week.

A natural question from parents, grandparents and carers is ‘what’s on the menu?’ and ‘what does the food actually taste like?’. We’re proud of the consistent offerings, from ‘summer sizzlers’ to ‘winter warmers’ prepared fresh each day, in a professional school kitchen. The ‘Showcase Counter’ is, therefore, a chance for adults to experience a taster of what their children enjoy.

Food samples are presented authentically, as they are at lunchtime, with taster pots on offer, reflecting some of the many dishes available. The colours, texture and of course taste can be appreciated first-hand, helping to transform the menu into a culinary delight. Sessions typically form part of Parents & Carers Consultation Days / Evenings, Learning Together Days and Infant Intake sessions. Feedback is always welcome, and often includes a reassuring approval of the food and an appreciation of the importance of informal social time together, where children can eat well, enjoying time with peers, outside of formalised curriculum time.

“SIPS Catering are integral, providing a regularly refreshed menu, of balanced options. Many staff eat with the children in the dining hall and I am proud of the quality, consistency and dedication. I am therefore only too happy for parents, grandparents and carers to directly see, enjoy and comment upon what is served in our school.”

Mrs Pugliese, Head Teacher, Tividale Hall Primary School

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