EBP Case Study: The Phoenix Collegiate

Aspiring to Higher Education for all

The SIPS EBP team have been working with Year 9 pupils at many local secondary schools on the Aspire to HE Programme, in partnership with Wolverhampton University. This important initiative raises students’ aspirations, encouraging young minds to look at options for their future including Apprenticeships and University.

Young minds were thinking about important life choices, considering a world beyond the school environment.  SIPS added value through the ‘Aspire to Higher Education World of Work Inspiration Day’.

SIPS maximised its numerous links to the world of industry, business and commerce to secure volunteers to visit. Delegates visiting shared insights from personal career journeys, constructive advice on what students may want to consider and above all raised aspirations and aspire. The aims of the day were to explore study options and a range of career opportunities for the future, tackle any queries about university and studying qualifications at work and to hear from people who have completed Higher Education qualifications.

“An engaging, well organised day that enabled our pupils to gain an insight into a range of different career options. ‘Real’ people from the world of work told their own stories and demonstrated that there are many different routes into employment. Pupils were encouraged and supported to move forward and investigate the opportunities open to them. A very worthwhile event.”

Anne Madden, The Phoenix Collegiate

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