SIPS EBP Case Study: Equipping for the Future

Getting a Head Start

In a skill and knowledge-based economy where targeted and carefully crafted applications from candidates to employers for jobs are the norm, with some recruitment practices including multiple stages and assessment centres, there really is no substitute for experience. Ormiston Forge Academy, educates 1,500 students aged 11 to 18, in Cradley Health in the West Midlands, acting as a key part of the community.

Rachel McCarthy, Careers Leader at Ormiston Forge Academy, comments:

“For a number of years, as a school we have wanted to run a mock interview event. Being able to book SIPS to organise the event for us was a dream come true. The capacity for this came via the Virtual Wallet and gave the
school the much needed opportunity to run a full day of mock interviews to Year 10, of which we have 263 pupils. Sally provided a job application form for all pupils and these were completed during a collapsed PSHE day session. Pupils then brought these along to their mock interview. 24 business people volunteered to assist on the day and pupils were given a 20 minute slot, to be
interviewed and receive both verbal and written feedback.

With Sally and SIPS support we had a fantastic day. Evaluation from both pupils and volunteers was overwhelmingly positive. Pupils saw the benefit of experiencing an interview process, ahead of Work Experience Week and also future applications to Sixth Form, College or Apprenticeships. I would like to thank Sally and SIPS for the high level of organisation, the day really did run without a hitch and the expertise in running such events was obvious in the advice given to help school prepare.”

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