SIPS EBP Case Study: Work Experience

Taster Sessions to Future Careers

Stepping out of the school premises as a student nearing the age of leaving school offers life choices, accompanied by a degree of excitement and apprehension. Work Experience is a great way to offer a structured, informative and considered insight into what a typical job entails, what a particular career may look like and what skills are most prevalent.

Across the academic year the SIPS EBP team have been integral to support the Careers Team based within St Thomas Moore School managing the placement assessments which are a prerequisite before students to take part in their work experience. Risks are evaluated and checks undertaken to ensure Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Duty of Care processes and policies are in place.

Part of this package compromised sessions focused upon Health & Safety and also rights & responsibilities delivered by SIPS dedicated Work Related Learning Consultant during Work Experience Week catering for pupils who were unable to find a placement. Katie Aspbury, SIPS Work Experience Consultant, explains that:

“The EBP has a database of over 15,000 possible work experience opportunities across the region, so there is something for everyone, it’s a case of aligning skills, aspirations and opportunities”.

Natalie Prior, Careers & Work Experience Co-ordinator, concludes:

“We signed up for the work experience package with SIPS in July 2018. As a school we are so impressed with the level of service we’ve received. SIPS have facilitated student assemblies, information sessions for staff, thorough employer health and safety checks prior to our work experience programme, plus the delivery of workshops to students who remained in school during work experience week. Communication has been excellent and nothing is too much trouble. A fantastic team who are a pleasure to work with!”

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