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Harnessing the power of creativity and expression in Music and the Arts

Music and the Arts are integral to inspiring self-expression and personal growth in children and young people. SIPS specialist teaching team offers a range of activities, tuition, and support for pupils and staff all the way from the early years to graduation. We believe Music and the Arts change lives to enable lifelong participation and enjoyment, impacting on community and well-being.

Every child aged 5–18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through whole-class ensemble teaching

Inclusive educational culture where all young people are valued and recognised for their unique qualities, ideas, voices and perspectives

Clear progression routes available and affordable to all young people

Singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly, and has access to choirs and other vocal ensembles in the area

Our services include

Our services include

First access to playing an instrument

The joy of music can last a lifetime and often starts in the classroom.  SIPS offer whole-class ensemble tuition, lend instruments for free and provide teaching and encouragement.  First access is an important element in our music education hub role, which supports the government’s national plan for music education.

Tuition for small groups

SIPS help children who want to learn how to play an instrument get better and progress in the one they choose, including vocals.  Our team can provide tuition and SIPS lend pupils instruments for free.

After-school clubs and school ensembles

Music comes to life when children work together.  We can help build a successful school band, orchestra or choir during the school day or as an afterschool club.  It helps bring music centre-stage for your school’s community. Outside of school, pupils can take part in our area bands and music centre ensembles to progress their music even further.

National Curriculum Music and CPD

SIPS can help your school meet Ofsted requirements for national curriculum music with specialist advice for the classroom on your whole-school approach, and training for Teachers including non-specialists.  In addition to regular music provision, we can develop short-term workshops and other projects in your school to support cross-curricular and creative learning.

SIPS developed a self-evaluation tool for schools to assess their school’s Music & Arts offer within the curriculum.  It is a service to achieve inclusive opportunities for all young people across Sandwell.

The purpose of this music and arts self-evaluation is:

  • For schools to accurately identify where they are at with music within and outside the curriculum.
  • To further raise the awareness of the importance of music and the national plan for music education and celebrate our young people’s musical achievements.
  • To identify areas of strength and where innovative and good and outstanding practice takes place.
  • To identify any areas that need developing and how the music hub and other partners can support them.
  • To identify and tackle any gaps or obstacles to musical opportunities, routes, and progression.
  • To identify future music leaders, champions and advocates.
  • To act as an award and recognition for the schools’ commitment to improving music and wider arts and cultural opportunities and the well-being of their young people.

School Music & Arts Audit

 School Music & Arts Audit
Quality is Key

Quality is Key

The SIPS Music & Arts Service can create music and arts delivery programmes to suit your schools’ needs. We employ music and arts educators who are fully screened, qualified and receive regular training to ensure that we provide the very best service, every time.  Our teachers have been hand-picked for their passion and drive. This enables SIPS to provide a unique and valuable offer to children and young people.


Our services are flexible, so we can tailor them to meet your school’s needs and budget.

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