Music & Arts Case Study: Children in challenging circumstances

SIPS Music & Arts Service works tirelessly to build an inclusive educational culture, where all children and young people are valued and recognised for their unique qualities, ideas, voices and perspectives. In partnership with Sandwell Virtual School, we are delivering a project where ‘Looked After Children’ across the region are learning to play a musical instrument.

In a recent survey, a selection of Year 4 pupils shared insights into the appreciation they have for music and the value it brings:


  • “I love playing my Trumpet, it makes me feel talented”
  • “I get to be myself in music lessons”
  • “It’s the first instrument I’ve ever taken home”
  • “I enjoy my music lesson on my own”


Here, school leaders outline the correlation between the project and noticeable positive changes in pupils:

Since the project started, have you seen any changes in pupils’ behaviour? Please note any personal developments (increased self-esteem/ confidence) that you have observed


  • “Children are much calmer than they were previously – Individuals don’t just jump into situations that used to upset them”
  • “Pupils have increased confidence and concentration in class”
  • “The children have all said that they feel calm when they are participating in the lessons and teachers have noticed an increased self-esteem.”


The project aims to empower young lives with the joy of learning a musical instrument, ensuring continuity progression and life-long skills in music making through high-quality teaching and engagement. At SIPS Music & Arts Service, we believe in continuing to have a social impact on young people’s lives in challenging circumstances.

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