Music & Arts Case Study: Callum’s Calling

Music to the Ears

Sandwell celebrated after locally-born Callum Davis, a student of SIPS Music & Arts Service, was selected as one of only 165 teenagers from across the UK between the ages of 13 and 19 to join the National Youth Orchestra (NYO) of Great Britain, based at The Strand in Central London.

The NYO is the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers, supporting and inspiring young musicians since 1948, many of whom have developed into fine musicians. Its alumni has an international footprint, and places at the NYO are notoriously difficult to attain, with demand always outstripping supply.

Callum plays the tuba with SIPS Music & Arts Service. He is no stranger to awards and was recognised with the honour of gaining the Music Centre Award. Callum represents the service locally and nationally performing at many prestigious concert halls, he is an exceptional musician
and role model.

John Thomson, Head of SIPS Music & Arts*, commented: “Our service aspires to ensure that every child in Sandwell has the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument, so seeing the progress and talent that Callum has we wish him every success at the NYO and will be sure to stay in contact and see him play many performances.”

Many other children locally in the region enjoy regular music sessions, be that one to ones, classroom sessions, regular after school training or large ensembles helping to enrich education and aid personal growth and development.

*Now retired

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