Safety Management Services Case Study: Old Hill Primary

Safety Management Services - fire safety

Old Hill Primary School in Cradley Heath, West Midlands, forms part of The Rowley Learning Trust. The physical structure was built around 1900; today the school welcomes 250 pupils aged between 3 and 11.

Mrs Sally Fenby, Head Teacher, comments: “One of the fundamentals within my role is ensuring a clean, safe and functional learning environment to accommodate our young people. To achieve this, we have employed the specialist support services of SIPS procuring the Health, Safety & Facilities Platinum package. This gives me and the team important access to experts, meaning I can talk to the right people, at a convenient time, be it face-to-face, via email or over the telephone.”

Health & Safety has featured as a mainstay priority and Old Hill has, year-on-year, reviewed its Fire Risk Assessments and is now working towards its fourth iteration.

Andy Evans, of SIPS, who holds the European Diploma in Fire Prevention, comments: “Old Hill Primary School is a shining example of how to manage risk effectively, fulfilling regulations, adopting best practice, ensuring key plans are regularly reviewed, challenged and updated. The SIPS package adds an extra level of professional insight.

“Other work has included glazing assessments of all windows across the site to evaluate strength and durability providing feedback on fire resilience, general wear and tear and toughness, especially in exposed areas such as playgrounds where many potential hazards are prevalent. The staff have also made effective use of the Health & Safety Training at Guardian House to keep up-to-date on a range of related topics including Basic Awareness and Infection Control”.

“Health & Safety is a priority for all, you can always do more, therefore working with SIPS allows me to effectively grade risks, budget for changes / upgrades and ensure I fulfil my duty of care to pupils, staff and the general public”.

Mrs Sally Fenby, Head Teacher, Old Hill Primary School

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