Free Data SIMs from Vodafone

Vodafone have announced that they are giving away 250,000 data SIMSs to school children – so they can stay connected to their education!

Please see the press release from Vodafone below:

“Reports have suggested that children in England are at least three months behind in their studies due to Covid restrictions, and we know that hundreds of thousands of children in the UK don’t have the right connectivity at home to access the education they need.

We want to help those disadvantaged children struggling to access education with our emergency schools.connected support package.

We’ll be giving away up to 250,000 data SIMs with 30GB free connectivity for 90 days to primary and secondary school children and young people across the UK this winter.

Please can you share our schools.connected webpage or leaflet with any schools and ask the Head Teacher to sign up on the schools.connected page..

Each eligible school will be allocated a number of SIMs which they can give to their disadvantaged pupils.”