Brian Cape, Chief Executive at SIPS Education, has become the latest prominent business leader from the borough to join Sandwell Business Ambassadors, an independent group which supports and represents Sandwell businesses.

SIPS is a not-for profit schools services co-operative for Sandwell, the Black Country and the West Midlands which provides a broad range of services to schools including IT, finance, risk management, HR, improvement services, music, catering and governance.

Brian commented: “I have a passion for people, places and communities, and hope to support Sandwell in being loud, prosperous and proud.

“I moved to Oldbury from Sunderland in 2009 and was overwhelmed by such a warm welcome to a ‘stranger’. The people were amazing and the place got under my skin. All these years later, I’m back in Sandwell and delighted to be able to give something back to our community.

“I’m a ‘localism’ advocate, especially keen to promote and support economic growth through the use of local businesses, local people – and above all local spending and procurement on goods, skills and employment.”

Sandwell Council launched the Sandwell Business Ambassadors programme in 2016 to combine the strengths (skills, experience and networks) of prominent businesspeople in the borough. Its purpose is to support and represent Sandwell businesses, liaising with the council and main contractors on issues that matter to the borough’s business community.

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