Testimonial: Highfields Primary School

SIPS continues to offer a high-quality HR service for schools, which includes HR Consultancy and Administration. We work closely with school payroll providers to ensure that the school gets the best possible service.  COVID 19 has changed the way in which we support schools, from a school’s perspective these are seen as further proof of the high-quality support and advice.

“As a new headteacher, I found it really reassuring that I had the support, advice and guidance of the staff at SIPS HR. Having a consistent and professional member of staff who always dealt with Highfields meant that my queries were responded to promptly, consistently, and, most importantly, by experienced staff who knew my school. I would recommend SIPS HR to anyone who is looking for a company to support them with their schools HR service too.”

 Sarah Garrett, Head Teacher, Highfields Primary School


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